About R2G


Founded in 2014, Rent-2-Grow offers a first-of-its-kind facility, platform and community for individuals to safely and cost-effectively grow their own medicinal or recreational marijuana, away from their homes and residences

The model

The Rent-2-Grow pods are modular and private, but enjoy the benefits of innovative integration and environmentally sound engineering. The sites are monitored, allowing clients to see their crops and materials at all times. Supplies are provided onsite to ensure uniformity and a pesticide-free, controlled environment. Rent-2-Grow works with local city and safety officials to ensure compliance.

This unique platform is innovative both physically and virtually. The physical space is engineered to give clients everything they need to succeed, enjoying the satisfaction of successful grow seasons from the start. The virtual platform allows collaboration and friendship with peer growers and colleagues, as well as (with permission) the ability to view pods online and share stories, tips, etc. This shared-experience model enhances our client’s journey and experience, creating loyal and satisfied customers.

Creating communal yet individualized grow space generates economies of scale that allow Rent-2-Grow to offer intelligent, affordable pricing. Our pricing provides an affordable entry point to a fun and rewarding hobby. The cost and benefit to clients is easily calculated and understood, creating a market of hundreds of thousands of potential urban farmers. Clients love the control they gain over what they consume, while discovering an empowering fusion of art and science on their growing journey.